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Auto Accident In A Different State - Five Steps To Take

Auto Accident In A Different State - Five Steps To Take

While an auto accident will always be stressful and undesirable, it may be even worse if you sustain an accident in another state. Apart from the emotional toll of being injured away from the comforts of home, there could be legal issues due to legal differences between the states. Generally speaking, each state has its own personal injury and auto accident laws. Fault is determined differently, and your standard lawyer may not be familiar with the way another state practices auto accident law.

What to Do

Step 1 - Get medical help if you need it! You cannot think straight if you are worried about your health. Get yourself checked into an emergency room and have a medical professional look at your injuries. Most major health insurance policies have options to pay for out-of-state visits.

Step 2 - Know your state's insurance laws. Generally speaking, no-fault states trump tort laws when it comes to interstate auto accidents. If you have a policy in a no-fault state, it will usually apply even in a tort state; however, the reverse is not necessarily true. You may still be able to file a personal injury lawsuit even if you get into an accident in a no-fault state; however, this means that you will get no help from the insurance company.

Step 3 - Call your lawyer. She will be able to inform you about which laws apply to your vehicle if it gets into an accident in another state. Some of your state's laws will apply, and some laws from the state in which you crashed your car will apply. Your lawyer may be able to advise you on whether or not to sue.

Step 4 - Consider hiring a lawyer in the state if you do decide to sue. Your lawyer may be able to give you a recommendation for a car accident lawyer, or you may have to do a search for a personal injury lawyer in the other state. This will be more convenient when it comes to appearing in court, and your new lawyer may know more about the state's particular auto accident laws.

Step 5 - Breathe! By contacting a lawyer, you put the case in his hands. Lawyers are trained to seek out justice for their clients, and your lawyer will walk you through an unfamiliar state's legal processes until you are satisfied.