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Can I Still Win A Case If The Accident Was My Fault

Can I Still Win A Case If The Accident Was My Fault

Every type of case is unique and fact-driven, which means that a case's facts can determine the course the case takes and the outcome reached. With that in mind, and because each situation has its own distinctive circumstances, it is possible for defendants to win a case even if the accident was their fault.

Not in the Best Position to Decide

The drivers of the vehicles involved in an accident are not the best people to ascertain who caused the accident. It is best to allow an impartial, professional third party to evaluate the accident scene and make those determinations. Admitting blame, apologizing to other parties involved, or making otherwise questionable or guilty statements or admonitions while on the scene of an accident may, in fact, hurt any future court case, so it is wise not to talk to the other involved parties while on the accident site or afterwards without a car accident attorney present.

Who is in the Best Position to Decide

Leave it up to a judge and jury to find fault. To prepare for a court case, investigations are conducted to help present facts to the jury in order to find fault. Accident reconstructionists, the police officers who answered the call, and eyewitnesses who were on the scene can all contribute to rebuilding an accident and determining fault. These individuals have nothing to gain by choosing a side or placing blame, so they are the best equipped to decide who was at fault.

Finding Fault

People involved in accidents can feel guilty even if the accident was not their fault, especially if injuries occurred as a result of the collision. Such feelings of guilt and an influx of emotions involved during and after an accident can cause individuals to speak impulsively or act in a manner that may hurt them in the future should they decide to go to court. Those involved in an accident should not make any statement to other involved parties and should refrain from placing blame on anyone involved; allow the professionals to do their jobs.